Track your goals accurately with our new hrplus heart rate monitor.

Achieve more with accuracy in your workout. hrplus provides live updates and accurately tracks your heart rate during any fitness activity or workout. It is the new added incentive to help keep you motivated throughout your hiit republic workout.

Get on it.

hrplus is Android and iOS friendly with Bluetooth connectivity that helps monitor your output in real time. Using the Mywellness App and it can be easily connected to each hiit republic location kiosk that displays your working zones on the big screen. Have fun and compete against your mates or compete against yourself to reach your maximum potential.

Get in the zone

Everyone's goal is different, and hrplus makes it fun and engaging. hrplus is unique as it does not measure speed, cadence or weight lifted, but it measures the effort you put in. This levels the playing field so that a beginner effort can be comparable with the effort exerted by elite athletes.

hrplus works on five colour zones. Each of these zones represent a percentage of your maximum heart rate (MHR). This MHR is calculated specifically to you when you start training with hrplus. This continually ensures that hrplus is set to you specifically.

Get to it

Get to know the full benefits of the hrplus, click here to find out how to register your hrplus, set up your profile using Mywellness, and be ready to rip hiit up in your next hiit republic workout.